Quick overview

ThinkChina is a think tank that brings together and cooperates with a broad range of public and private stakeholders that share a strategic interest in China. As an organisation, it focuses on the Denmark’s partnership with China and how can Denmark contribute to and benefit from China’s continued development and increasing global influence? ThinkChina organises a range of working groups with different focuses (including: politics, culture, economics and business, green growth, and health). These working groups host both members from academia and from the private and the public sector.

As a think tank, publishes Policy Briefs and reports by China experts from University of Copenhagen or China professionals in their network, and maintains an online library with reports from third parties on a range of issues related to contemporary China. Meanwhile, it also offers a group of China-related activities at the University of Copenhagen. The ChinaTalks events is one the activities ThinkChina organises, it covers a wide range of topics about contemporary China with speakers from different expertise background, and fellow members from DKHKTA are welcome to join for free.