Investment Fund for Developing Countries (IFU)

Quick overview

IFU is an independent government-owned fund offering advisory services and risk capital to companies wishing to do business in developing countries and emerging markets, on a commercial basis. Furthermore, IFU is fund manager of a number of other investment funds, such as the Danish Climate Investment Fund, IFU Investment Partners and the Arab Investment Fund.

Up till now, IFU and IFU managed funds have invested in more than 1250 projects in 100 countries, which have helped creating more than 900, 000 jobs in the host countries. In addition, IFU’s presence has resulted in a transfer of knowledge and technology, the employees have received training and education, and economic activity and a basis of income have been created for the host countries.

While creating good business for developing countries, IFU also brings positive impacts to Danish companies. IFU helps Danish companies to gain access to new markets, so the companies become able to plan and start up international and more efficient production. IFU has co-invested with more than 900 Danish companies with their business in developing countries, majority of which received a success for the company and some even produced higher revenue in Denmark.